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What should you bring with you?

What should you bring with you on summer holiday in Trentino

Good rules for a pleasant experience in nature...

Clothes: we recommend that you wear casual and comfortable clothes that allow you to move freely and keep you warm without making you sweat. We recommend that you dress in layers.


Shoes: the simplest hikes can be tackled in normal sneakers with non-smooth soles, while hiking boots are recommended for the more demanding trails. You should try out new hiking boots beforehand and take small walks to get used to them and let your feet adapt. Socks are also important; they must go halfway up the leg and not slip down.


Telescopic trekking poles: the adjustable telescopic trekking poles must support walking and relieve knee strain.  If you don’t have them or you don’t want to bring them with you, you can rent them at the hotel.


Rucksack: what should you bring with you? Read the following:

  • water for staying hydrated, preferably not plastic bottles;
  • a rain jacket, useful in the event of sudden showers that are very frequent in the mountains;
  • a sweater, since the temperature is lower at higher altitudes, so you should bring a long sleeve sweater;
  • a T-shirt because, when we get to our destination, you will be sweating and so you might need to change into your T-shirt;
  • another pair of socks; on a gloomy day or the day after a storm, the ground can be wet and a little muddy;
  • sun protection, the exposure and intensity of the sun are high in mountains. Always have a hat with you and rub in sunblock on parts of the body that are exposed to the sun. We recommend that you wear sunglasses.
  • a small snack, such as a chocolate bar, a salty snack or a piece of fruit that can help you in the event that your blood sugar drops.
  • something for a meal in the event there are no huts or open cottages along the way or if you prefer to have a picnic. You can order your packed meal at the hotel on the night before the excursions; it costs 8,00 euros.
  • a small first aid kit with a few band aids/plasters and a small bottle of disinfectant.
  • a pair of gloves and a band/cap for the most challenging excursions.


To enjoy the mountains safely, the following are a few good rules:

  • Organize your excursion the day before.
  • Check the weather forecast at reception. If the weather is bad, come back or look for a hut.
  • Choose a hike suitable to your body fitness.
  • If you face a difficult hike, please tell us your destination.
  • A mobile phone is useful to call for rescue in the event of an emergency. The emergency telephone number is 112.
  • Arrange your rucksack with the equipment suitable to the type of excursion you have.
  • Carefully observe signals and the markings on the pathways and keep a map with you.
  • Respect the mountains, don’t use plastic and take your garbage with you.
  • You shouldn’t go alone to places where you have never been before. It is more enjoyable to enjoy nature with a guide who knows the area well.

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