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To the Source of the Noce stream

To the Source of the Noce stream

Before leaving, let's get recharged with a sip of chalybeate water at the village of Fontanino and then hurry up to the Pian Palù Cottage. Passing by the Cottage, we will go into the forest up to the sources of the Noce River and we will have an adventurous excursion into the wild mountain!

  • Place: Val di Pejo
  • Type of excursion: quite demanding hike. A minimum of physical preparation is required. Ideal for those who want to know an untouched land.
  • Duration: 6 h – all day
  • Distance: about 11,5 km.
  • Starting level: 1,680 m. a.s.l. (Parking Val del Monte)
  • Arrival level: 2,250 m. a.s.l. (Small lake)
  • Elevation gain: 730 m.
  • Elevation loss: 730 m.
  • Lunch: packed lunch for a fee
  • Extra costs: Val del Monte entry and car parking



Wild mountain? You might think of ferocious beasts that appear suddenly or impenetrable forests where even light struggles to pass through. Indeed, we think of an untouched place, quiet and uncrowded where peace rules and there are animals that it is usually difficult to see. That is what is waiting for you along the pathway “to the source of the Noce Stream”. After parking the car in the village of Fontanino di Pejo in the Val del Monte, where we will taste some chalybeate water, we will hike up to Pian Palù Lake, a lovely artificial lake. We will skirt around the lake up to the Palù Cottage. From there, we will hike up along the river of the Noce River to its source and, step by step, we will enter in the hidden and wild mountain. The pathway is immersed in nature, among giant larches and Swiss pines that will offer us some shade. After a few ascents among stones and roots, we will finally get to the limit of the vegetation and the even area around the alpine lake. We will watch the surrounding mountain summits and Pian Palù Lake below us, finally having our picnic and some relaxation. We will follow the same pathway to come back, skirting around the opposite shore of Pian Palù Lake.



At the beginning of this pathway, in the village of Fontanino di Pejo, there are two old sources of chalybeate water named “Fontanino di Celentino” and “Fontanino di Pejo”. The mineral sources of the Val di Pejo originate inside the Ortles-Cevedale Range and, after many years, they get enriched with precious mineral salts. Water and rocks are strictly joined; the composition of each mineral source depends on the type of soil that the water is in contact with and from where it springs from. That is why the water can be so different.

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