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Immagine di testata per The romantic hill of St. Lucy’s
The romantic hill of St. Lucy’s

The romantic hill of St. Lucy’s

A hike through the impressive forests of firs, larches and elderberry plants up to the romantic hill of St. Lucy's church in the village of Comasine

  • Place: Cogolo
  • Type of excursion: easy stroll, ideal for those who want to spend a few hours in the open air. No particular physical preparation is required.
  • Duration: 3 h – half day
  • Distance: about 7,5 km.
  • Starting level: 1,175 m. a.s.l. (Kristiania)
  • Arrival level: 1,280 m. a.s.l. (Church of Santa Lucia)
  • Elevation gain: 329 m.
  • Elevation loss: 329 m.
  • Lunch: not expected – return to the hotel
  • Extra costs: no





Starting on foot from the hotel and crossing the village of Cogolo, you will arrive in Plaze, just across from the Noce River. From there your hike begins through forests of firs, larches and birches and, after about one hour, you will get to the quaint romantic church of St. Lucy,  isolated on the top of the hill just above the hamlet of Comasine. If you pay just a little attention, you will see squirrels and jays. In early summer, it is the ideal place to pick wild strawberries and raspberries. The sight is beautiful and it includes the Val di Pejo villages of Strombiano and Celentino and then, to the lower valley, it descends on St. Michael’s castle and the slopes of Mt. Boai where once there were iron mines which were very important for the Val di Pejo. That spot is a great place to stop and relax on the green meadow. To get back to the hotel, you will cross Comasine, an old hamlet once dwelt by miners, and take the bike and pedestrian trail up to Cogolo.



The little church has been there from time immemorial and it is also remembered in a testament found in 1374. The current church was built by miners of the nearby iron deposits who populated the mountains in those times. Saint Lucy is worshipped as the protector of sight and the protector of miners. The church is a testament to the area’s thriving mining activity. It is the oldest church in the Val di Pejo [Pejo Valley].

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