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Immagine di testata per The Saent waterfalls and Stablasolo cottage: Pure emotion!
The Saent waterfalls and Stablasolo cottage: Pure emotion!

The Saent waterfalls and Stablasolo cottage: Pure emotion!

An unmissable hike along the stunning Saént Waterfalls in Val di Rabbi

  • Place: Val di Rabbi
  • Type of excursion: moderate hike, ideal for those who want to spend a day surrounded by an astonishing landscape. No particular physical preparation is required. During the trail, you can visit a small historical photographic exhibition.
  • Duration: 4 h – all day
  • Distance: 8 km.
  • Starting level: 1,360 m. a.s.l. (Parking Còler)
  • Arrival level: 1,780 m. a.s.l. (Pra de Saént)
  • Elevation gain: 530 m.
  • Elevation loss: 530 m.
  • Lunch: at Stablasolo Cottage or packed lunch – for a fee
  • Extra costs: car parking Còler




The Val di Rabbi is located beyond the mountains behind the Kristiania Hotel. In Val di Rabbi, there are wonderful waterfalls that form along the Rabbiés stream in the Val di Saènt. We will get to Val di Rabbi by car up to the Còler car park. Then, on foot, we will climb across a small section of the forest and then an even trail will lead us to Stablasolo Cottage surrounded by green pastures. We will follow the trail and, in less than ten minutes, we will get to the first waterfall. In June, the waterfall is imposing and full of water that will help us cool off. We will continue to the second stunning waterfall, likely you will spot a rainbow over it and a bridge will let us cross the river and stand in front of the waterfall just above the drop! After a small ascent, we will get to the Saènt meadow, which is a just above the waterfalls; that grassy plain is surrounded by a forest of larches, and, in the background, you will see a small hut once used by the shepherds and now turned into an interesting photographic exhibition of the location’s past. The most curious of us can have a walk along the way of imposing larches while others can enjoy some relaxation under the sun. We will return to the loop trail that will lead us to Stablasolo Cottage where meals are provided. After lunch, we will get back to the car park on foot or by a shuttlebus.



The larches way at Prà del Saènt hosts 23 imposing larches. It is a scientific and educational trail made by Marcello Mazzucchi and Sergio Camin that’s accompanied with a series of panels with the history of the plants and their botanical features. We will meet Grande Piede [Big Foot], the biggest larch, the tallest larch, Lares del Giulio, and the smallest one, the Nano [Dwarf]. On peaceful days at Prà del Saènt, you can hear the whistles of marmots and spot them.

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