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Immagine di testata per Corvo Lake on the way to the Rabbi Pass and the Stella Alpina hut
Corvo Lake on the way to the Rabbi Pass and the Stella Alpina hut

Corvo Lake on the way to the Rabbi Pass and the Stella Alpina hut

From the Val di Rabbi, we will reach the Stella Alpina Hut and enjoy the view of the Corvo lakes. A day in the high mountains for real lovers

  • Place: Val di Rabbi
  • Type of excursion: challenging excursion. A minimum of physical preparation and endurance is required. High mountain trail, footing may be uneven in some parts.
  • Duration: 6 h – all day
  • Distance: about 8,5 km.
  • Starting level: 1,470 m. a.s.l. (Cavallar Parking)
  • Arrival level: 2,460 m. a.s.l. (Corvo Lake)
  • Elevation gain: 990 m.
  • Elevation loss: 990 m.
  • Lunch: at Stella Alpina Hut or packed lunch – for a fee
  • Extra costs: car parking



People say that the journey is actually the goal, but this time it’s the opposite. The destination is exactly why we are hiking up. We are enchanted in front of the beauty of this landscape, the brightness of water and the scent of mountain flowers. Every step can be an exciting experience. We will get to the nearby Val di Rabbi by car and park at the village of Cavallar. In a short time, we will get to Caldesa Bassa Cottage where they make cheese. Now the trail will start, sometimes steeper and sometimes easier and forests will alternate with pastures. If we pay attention, we can spot some wild animals and lots of flowers and plants of the alpine flora. The last portion of the trail before the hut offers a lovely view over the valley. A few steps above the Stella Alpina Hut, you will discover why we will have climbed so high for we will see the Corvo Lakes: an enchanting spot of endless beauty and absolute peace. A few lakes are larger, others smaller… we will be happy to come back and admire them again. After a good meal, we will come back, following the same trail: we will be tired but happy!



The curiosity of this trail is a family anecdote: Sophie and Jacopo’s eighty-year-old grandfather! Even now, granddad Bruno enjoys going up there to remember the parties and meals he had with his family and friends at the Stella Alpina Hut. Indeed, the Corvo lakes give everybody a sensation of wellbeing that allows you to continue to dream.

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