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Ski tourism

Ski tourism

Where the runs perfectly beaten and always good served by modern and speedy ski lifts end, begins there the ski-tourism planet, that embraces the whole territory of Val di Sole, a very vast area for the lovers of this practice.

The ski-tourism is an extraordinary activity beautiful for the speed and the variety of the walking through environments, for its huge landscapes and for the reached tops. In absolute the discipline which is able to transmit strong emotions. Being able to reach pure places, to walk through sides and mountain chains accompanied by the sounds of silence, coupling the physic activity with incomparable sensations of adventure is an occasion that you don’t have lo let escape. In addition, exciting descents on always-different slopes where the tracks of the ski carve arabesques. These drawings, observed from down, remain there in order to make relive invaluable glory’s moments. Everyone who has a good preparation, appropriate equipment and an adapted experience could practise the ski-tourism. On the contrary we advise you to move with and Alpine Guide. In Val di Sole, the speciality of skiing with the seal’s skin (used in phase of ascension to avoid the sliding) could be practised almost everywhere.

For information on technical dates and trips:
Val di Sole Alpine Guides
Tel. 0463 901151 – Fax 0463/901150.

Between the various possible Ski –tourism itineraries merits a particular mention the ascent to Venezia top (3290m) thanks to Passo della Vedretta, then The descent of Pisgana follows, a splendid descent to valley long 14 kms, with a difference of level of 2000 m, considered by the experts one of the most beautiful descents in the whole Europe. The excursion could be front in only one day: from Tonale Pass you could climb to Capanna Presena and to the Bocchetta of Sciatori (2980) using the ski-lifts of Tonale Pass ( ski-lifts, cableway, chair lift), to come down with an easy ski to the refuge Mandrone (2449). From here, the tract in ascent begins and it carries to Passo della Vedretta (3191), and with a last effort you arrive on the top of Monte Venezia (3290), from where the panorama is really lofty.

After that the descent starts, long the occidental top of Pisgana, a fly that for the beauty of the place, length of the course and for the difference of level, reserves to the tourism skier unforgettable satisfactions. Other classic ascents are those of Monte Cevedale (3769 m), Cime Presanella (3558 m) Punta San Matteo (3678) Cima Rossa di Saent (3347).

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