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Typical products

Typical products

A big variety of typical products for the lovers of the genuine tastes and of the typical recipes creates the culinary art of Val di Sole.

The dairy products will surprise us like Trentingrana, the soft Casolet, the delicious Ricotta and dairy from-milk-products given by grazing cows. The Casolet is a mountain cheese with raw and tender paste; once it has been produced; only in autumn, it could be eaten in the winter cold months. The cheeses of our valley are buyable by the dairy and in summer also by the malgas. As sausages, you could taste thespeck, the bacon, the salami, the mortandela protected by the slow food mark as the Casolet and the typical luganega too, a traditional sausage, basic ingredient for the Canederli, but that could be eaten also fresh and the excellent “Osocol“.

Optimal is the honey of the Val di Sole that it is ideal for the sweets and good to couple with the local cheeses. It’s a rare honey, produced in a small quantity.

We cannot forget the apples, cultivated in the low part of Val di Sole that have obtained the famous D.O.P. mark. They are optimal for sweets as strudel and the apple pie. The juice, the vinegar, the mousse, and the jam are produced by apples. We wait for you to make you know the authentic, genuine and inimitable tastes and flavours of our valley …

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