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Eco friendly hotel

Eco friendly Hotel: sustainable Holidays in Pejo’s nature

Kristiania is an eco-friendly hotel, which preserves the natural oasis of Val di Pejo

The sustainable tourism teaches us that, in order to keep the beauties of nature untouched, we need to take care of them: Kristiania Pure Nature Hotel & Spa is an eco-friendly hotel, which for years has been adopting several good practices, to safeguard the delicate environmental balance of Val di Pejo.

The intelligent use of water, the separate collection of waste, the reduced use of cleaners, the use of low-energy lamps, the installation of columns to recharge electric vehicles: these are just some examples of the several eco-friendly actions that have been carried out by our hotel, all certified by the membership to Ecolabel brand.

In the kitchen, Kristiania’s Chef and his team follow the indications of the “Ecoristorazione trentina” brand, giving priority to green, biologic, local and eco-friendly products, and avoiding waste.

You too can contribute to the defence of Val di Pejo’s nature, adopting as much as possible the behaviour which are suggested by our eco-friendly hotel, which you can read in the books you find in our rooms, and which are also explained in other places all over the hotel.

Val di Pejo is pure and unique, and we want it to stay so, help us doing it!

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