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The snowboarders are more and more numerous. To the lovers of this discipline the skiing resorts ofVal di Sole dedicate, more than many kms of descents, some snow parks, the appropriately equipped areas where it’s possible making in safety the spectacular movements on the table like the jump and half pipe. In particular conditions of crowding or when who is on the table is learning or wants to make movements and acrobatics, the snow park, staged by the plant engineering society guarantees to everybody safety and fun.

The agonistic disciplines of snowboard are divided in two big groups: disciplines practised with hard equipment (rigid boots, narrow and fitted at the waist tables) that consents to obtain more velocity and conduction and disciplines practised with Soft equipment (soft boots, symmetric and wide tables) that consents more elasticity and versatility.

Soft Disciplines

 Half Pipe (the athletes measure themselves with a big artificial canal making various types of figures revolving on the vertical and on the horizontal board)
 Snowboard cross (the athletes come down in group on a common course characterized by obstacles as jumps, bumps, parabolic curves and in some cases by objects more fanciful as pools)
 Extreme free riding (athletes equipped of a big trust in their own means throw themselves from slopes of extreme inclinations and challenge the others in time)


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