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Ice climbing

Ice climbing

Climbing on the iced waterfalls has had in the last few years an incredible evolution. The development of the rock climbing has determined the increase of the lovers’ number; they consider the ice falls the natural continuation of the summer activity. The continuous cold of the winter months permits the formation of architectonical structures as pleasant on the aesthetical point of view as changeable. When the conditions are favourable, the lovers grind the instruments that consent them to climb on the waterfalls that someone define real work of art of the nature. The technical ice axes in hand and the crampons are sufficient to claw the ice and climb flows of every difficulty.

We advise to practice the Ice-climbing only accompanied by a professional man able to guarantee the safety of the climbing.

Val di Sole offers some pleasant climbs as the followings too:

Val Lamar The climb is made in Val Lamar, deep valley on the orographic left of Val di Pejo, reachable from Cogolo, situated in the Stelvio Natural Park. The ten tracts are built of ice waterfalls. The difference of level is from 35 to 220 m, with slopes from 60°to 90°

Val Piana The climb is made in Val Piana, alpine valley on the orographic right of Val di Sole, near the country of Ossana in the Presanella’s group. The seven tracts are built of ice waterfalls. The difference of level is from 50 to 220 m, with slopes from 60° to 90°.

Cima Presena and Cima Vermiglio The climb is made on Cima Presena and Vermiglio, 3558 m, northern face. The environment is very severe, of high altitude with tract of alpine style. The ten tracts are build by little canals and ice walls. Sloped from 45° to 90°

For information:
Val di Sole Alpine Guides Group – tel 0463 901151

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