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Wine tasting and local products

Culinary delights dedicated to the Trentino traditions

Enter the world of taste and discover the gastronomic pleasures of the Trentino

In the charming atmosphere of our cellar, you will enjoy a very special culinary experience. Each week the Kristiania Pure Nature Hotel & Spa offers tastings of over 300 wines from local, national and international wineries, accompanied by delicious local products such as cold cuts and cheese, which will tickle your taste buds. You will be seduced by the flavours and scents of the Trentino valleys, that are present in each product.

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Luxury Spa in Trentino

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S. Ambrogio’s day

04.12 – 08.12.2020

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Unforgettable December on skis

08.12 – 19.12.2020

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