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Pejo water

Pejo water: the pure and light mineral water

It comes from the Ortles' glaciers and it is a really pure mineral water: Pejo water

One of Val di Pejo’s treasures is the mineral Pejo water, which, after overpassing the rocks and glaciers of Ortles-Cevedale gaze at 4000 meters, springs lively and crystalline by Pejo Fonti, at 1393 meters on the see level.

Pejo water, rich of trace minerals, is a pure mineral water of finest quality, so light it helps digestion, and it contributes to our organism’s wellness, thanks to a reduced concentration of sodium and to a balanced content of mineral salts.

It is bottled directly at source since 1952, in order to arrive pure and untouched on most of Italian tables.

Don’t miss the chance to quench your thirst in a healthy way with mineral Pejo water, sipping it during your stay at Kristiania Pure Nature Hotel & Spa.

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