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Immagine di testata per A “little alpine world” in Val di Pejo’s eco-museum
Val di Pejo's eco-museum

A “little alpine world” in Val di Pejo’s eco-museum

At Celentino’s eco museum, discover the traditions of Pejo’s “little alpine world”

Once upon a time in Val di Peio existed traditions which completely disappeared today, but which one can re-experience thanks to Celentino’s eco museum!

Testimonials and workshops about cereals’ cultivation, linen and wool production, sheep farming and life in the mines are to be seen at Casa Grazioli in Strombiano, at Casa Ecomuseo in Celentino, in the mining area of Comasine, at Venetian sawmill in Celledizzo and at Malga Monte mountain farm.

All these places can be visited during the summer activities organized by Kristiania Pure Nature Hotel & Spa, or consulting the website:

The eco-museum of Val di Peio is the custodian of a “little alpine world”, which needs to be passed down being an historic-cultural heritage, to be valued and imparted to the new generations.

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