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The thermae of Pejo

The thermae of Pejo

The curative properties of the bicarbonate-chalybeate waters of the Ancient Spring of Pejo are appreciated from the XVI century because of their curative qualities.


In Val di Pejo there are three used springs and they are the “Fontanino di Celentino” the “Fontanino di Pejo” and the “Ancient Spring“. It’s middle-mineral, chalybeate, lithium-alkaline, magnesic, mineralized water. The water of the “Fontanino di Pejo” is very rich of free carbon dioxide and of bicarbonic-ion. Each of the three springs is used for hydroponic treatments against the diseases of the digestive system, of the urinary one, against the metabolism disorders, the hypochronic primitive and secondary anaemias and the lymphatisms. In the balneotherapy they are used for arthrorheumatic and muscular pathologies, outcomes of traumas and fractures, rheumatoid arthritis in phase of quiescence and osteoporosis, chronic peripheral arteriopathies, phlebopathies, cellulite and lymphatic pathologies, localized and diffuse obesity. In the inalatory treatments they are used to cure laryngitis, sinusitis, allergic rhinitis, rhino-bronchial syndromes, chronic bronchitis.


The new Thermal Centre of Pejo gives the possibility to effect cycles of therapy against the diseases of the respiratory ‘s and circulatory ‘s system, rheumatic diseases, dermatologic diseases and cellulite’s treatments, proposing particular packets thanks to the ” Global wellness project” of Pejo’s thermae .The medical equipe of the structure provides the assistance and it creates personalized programmes for the psychophysical recovery. This is an agreed National Sanitary Service centre.


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Via delle Acque Acidule 3 – Pejo Fonti (Tn) – Tel. 0463 753226 – Fax 0463 743207
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