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Summer events 2017

2017: A summer full of events

Never a dull moment in Val di Sole

Summer 2017 in Val di Sole offers interesting sporting, cultural and gastronomic events.

If you dream of exciting excursions at high altitude, we invite you to participate in the competition Hike and Win!, while if you prefer to enjoy beautiful landscapes in an atmosphere of peace, we recommend Trails and Mountain Farms in Flower and the Transhumance Festival.

Among the sporting events are the Canoa Sprint Italian Championships, a must for lovers of canoeing, and the Val di Sole Marathon, which provides intense late summer fun for mountain bikers.

There are also numerous events in 2017 dedicated to gastronomy, like Arcadia, the Annual Honey Festival and the Alpine Diary Cheese Auction, where you can experience moments of absolute culinary delight.

Discover all the events in Val di Sole in summer and enjoy a wonderful mountain holiday at the Leading Nature & Wellness Resort Kristiania!


  • Fishing World Championship
    Ossana|Vermiglio 01.06 – 05.06.2017
    “No kill” spinning fishing World Championship.
  • Herbs gathering
    Val di Peio 02.06 – 04.06.2017
    Visit of Casa Grazioli, day of herbs harvesting, guided visit to the alpine garden of Olga Casanova.
  • Hike and Win! – Alpenstock
    Val di Sole Summer 2017
    Take off on exciting excursions! If you reach 3 huts, of which at least two are alpine huts (over 2.200 m), you will receive the typical “Alpenstock” a wooden walking stick for true hikers.
  • Val di Sole Take Me Outdoors
    Mezzana 16.06 – 18.06.2017
    The first festival dedicated to the outdoor activities of Val di Sole.
  • Arcadia
    Caldes 24.06 – 25.06.2017
    Immerse yourself in the unique atmosphere of Caldes, taking part in this extraordinary event with music, food and crafts. Listen to the best bands of Trentino and browse the stands while enjoying traditional flavors and local products!
  • Life on the Water Pejo
    Val di Peio 02.07 – 09.07.2017
    A real experience focused on water’s world between nature, culture and relaxation.
  • Ecomuseum at the Source – Springs and herbs of our mountains
    Peio Fonti 
    Tastings of water from various sources and herbal teas with honey, guided visits to the thermal baths, relaxing with medicinal and aromatic plants by Olga Casanova’s farm, market of aromatic and medicinal plants and their derivatives, handicrafts and hobby items.
  • At dusk the fountains tell a story
    Celledizzo 06.07.2017
    The town Celledizzo has seventeen fountains, washing and drinking troughs; the oldest ones made of granite, are dated 1900. At sundown, the fountains tell their stories… a fascinating evening of magic and entertainment: stories and special delights await you.
  • Hydroelectric power plant with ecomuseum
    Cogolo 07.07 e 10.08.2017
    Possibility to visit Pont’s hydroelectric power station and discover the secrets of water that becomes energy.
  • Italian Championship Canoe
    Mezzana 07.07 – 09.07.2017
    Italian Junior Canoe Championship and Senior International Race.
  • Italian Championship Canoe
    Caldes 08.07 – 09.07.2017
    An unmissable event for canoe enthusiasts: the best Italian athletes face off in Caldes in the waters of the river Noce.
  • Retreat Cagliari Football Team
    Cogolo 08.07 – 22.07.2017
    Summer retreat Cagliari Calcio.
  • El Pan de “Na Volta” (Bread from long ago)
    A pleasant afternoon when the ancient ovens of Casa Grazioli are turned on for the traditional cooking of “paneti de segala” (rye bread loaves).
  • Pejo Rainbow Run
    Cogolo 15.07.2017
    The colourful race where you are “bombarded” with natural Holi powder is on in Pejo.
  • Val di Sole Marathon
    Malè 16.07.2017
    Put yourself to the test and experience unique emotions while mountain biking, challenging climbs and numerous single tracks.
  • Melissa – Annual Honey Festival
    Enjoy the different flavours of honey and discover the fascinating world of bees! Browse the food stands and taste the best products of the Noce valleys.
  • Camina e Magna (Walk and eat)
    Cogolo 30.07.2017
    A pleasant walk with a tasting of local products.
  • Gourmet Val di Peio
    Cogolo 02.08.2017
    Evening dedicated to the discovery and tasting of the typical products of Trentino and Val di Peio.
  • The Sundial Festival
    An open air art gallery between the villages of Monclassico and Presson awaits you with over 50 sundials.
  • Strike while the iron is hot
    The festival, which enlivens the streets of the small village, has the ancient mines of Comasine as its theme.
  • The Colours of the Season
    This trip is dedicated to the season of nature’s colour and the discovery of charming Pellizzano and its picturesque squares.
  • Ecomuseum in the Square
    Cellentino 14.08.2017
    Old crafts, ancient knowledge.
  • The green night 
    Peio Fonti 16.08.2017
    Music, tastings, fire games, fairy tales and magic.
  • Vertical Vioz
    Doss dei Gembri|Monte Vioz 20.08.2017
    Extreme uphill run challenge.
  • The mistery of Pegaia
    Pegaia’s Church|Cogolo 22.08.2017
    Representation by the theatrical group of the Ecomuseum.
  • Ecomuseum in Piazza – The Weaving Festival
    Cogolo 24.08.2017
    The local textile fibres are wool and linen. Is spinning linen really that easy? You’ll find out while following the live demonstration “From plant to spool… to fabric”.
  • UCI MTB World Cup Championship
    Daolasa di Commezzadura 25.08 – 27.08.2017
    Experience 3 days of adrenaline-pumping action and showmanship: witness exciting competitions among the best specialists in the world.
  • Commemoration of the Kaiserschützen of Piz Giumela
    San Rocco Peio 01.09 – 03.09.2017
    Excursion and ceremonies in memory of the Piz Giumela Kaiserschützen and the First World War.
  • Cheese Festival di Sole
    Val di Sole 02.09 – 24.09.2017
    Experience two unforgettable weeks dedicated to the flavours of Trentino! The star of the show is Casolèt, a typical cheese from Val di Sole.
  • Alpine Dairy Cheese Auction
    Caldes 04.09.2017
    The auction of Val di Sole mountain cheeses takes place in the picturesque setting of Castel Caldes. A special, and particularly tasty, event.
  • E-enduro Experience
    Val di Peio 15.09 – 17.09.2017
    3-day rally for e-mtbiker enthusiasts.
  • E-gravity Specials
    Val di Peio 15.09 – 17.09.2017
    Course to learn how to exploit the potential of electric MTBs for beginners and advanced.
  • Milk festival – Transhumance
    Rabbi 16.09 – 17.09.2017
    Good milk festival in Trentino.
  • La Desmalgada in Val di Peio – Transhumance Festival
    Cogolo 22.09 – 24.09.2017
    This traditional festival celebrates the return of the cattle to the town after their summer pasture in the alps.
  • Sheep shearing
    Peio Paese 22.09.2017
    Festival for the return of the flock to Pejo and the annual shearing.
  • The harvesting of flax 
    Cogolo 23.09.2017
  • Il Bramito del Cervo
    Val di Peio 25.09 – 31.10.2017
    Program of events and activities to know the deer bellows.

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