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Immagine di testata per Perennial prints: the Presena glacier
Perennial prints: the Presena glacier

Perennial prints: the Presena glacier

By cableway up to 3000 m to admire the Presena-Adamello glacier. A hike across the rocky lands to Monticello lakes, Paradiso Pass and the Tunnel of the White War

  • Place: Passo del Tonale
  • Type of excursion: easy stroll, ideal for those who want to spend a few hours in the open air. No particular physical preparation is required.
  • Duration: 1 h – half day
  • Distance: 1,5 km. (on foot) – 7,24 km. (by cableway)
  • Starting level: 1,880 m. a.s.l. (Cableway Paradiso Parking)
  • Arrival level: 3,000 m. a.s.l. (Presena Glacier)
  • Elevation gain: 150 m. (on foot) – 989 m. (by cableway)
  • Lunch: not expected – return to the hotel
  • Extra costs: aperitif




Wow, a breathtaking aperitif at 3,000 m high! Don’t worry, there is the cableway but we have to work a little, ok? Ready? Let’s go! We will drive to Tonale Pass. Then we will take the cableway to Paradiso Pass (2,575 m.). There you will see a tunnel dug through solid rock where soldiers once took shelter and hid ammunition. We will go into the tunnel and listen to the interactive story of World War I. Then, we will climb to the Capanna Presena Hut (2,735 m. high). It is worth taking a walk between the Monticello lakes and seeing high mountain flowers, rare herbs and the stones left by the passage of the glacier. The surrounding landscape makes you feel like you are on the moon with so much solid rocks, harder than granite, and, up there at the top, the ice tongue that shows the remains of a larger glacier that is going to melt. Finally, the last but short climb up to 3,000 m but we will take the cableway. It will be a “flight” over the glacier up to the Panorama 3000 Glacier, where the highest aperitif you have ever had is waiting for you. Cheers!



The Presena Glacier has been covered with thermal sheets for more than 20 years to protect it from melting.

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