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Immagine di testata per The strength of water: Cadini waterfall and Frattasecca cottage
The strength of water: Cadini waterfall and Frattasecca cottage

The strength of water: Cadini waterfall and Frattasecca cottage

We will get up to 2000 m by cableway and then we will start a long hike that will lead us to the waterfalls of Val Taviela and Val Cadini and then to Frattasecca Cottage, returning on foot to Pejo Fonti

  • Place: Pejo Fonti – Val del Monte
  • Type of excursion: moderate hike, ideal for those who want to spend a day in the open air in a place known by few people in contact with nature. The trail is not demanding, but long.
  • Duration: 4 h – all day
  • Distance: about 9,5 km.
  • Starting level: 1,400 m. a.s.l. (Pejo Fonti)
  • Arrival level: 2,000 m. a.s.l.  (Scoiattolo Hut)
  • Elevation gain: 250 m.
  • Elevation loss: 800 m.
  • Lunch: at Frattasecca Cottage or packed lunch – for a fee
  • Extra costs: car parking in Pejo Fonti



From the natural lake of the Kristiania Hotel, look to the west where the two V-shaped slopes of the mountains meet; there is a waterfall there! Our hike will lead us exactly there. In Pejo Fonti, we will take the cableway and go up to 2,000 m. From there, almost to the limits of vegetation, we will walk towards Val Taviela and Val Cadini where there are two stunning waterfalls: one is at the top and often crossed with a rainbow and the other one, just below, has a catwalk that will lead us right in the middle of pounding water! Going down to the valley, we will walk across the forest of firs and larches along the ex-military road built more than one hundred years ago. After about one hour, we will get to Frattasecca Cottage and finally to Pejo Fonti.



In Val di Pejo, the water flowing down from the mountains is controlled for the production of electrical power. Even in Val Cadini, some works were made to collect water that flows up to the hydroelectric power plant in Pont (Cogolo).

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