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Massage & treatments

The world of massage in Val di Sole, Trentino

Discover a variety of massages to choose from during your vacation in Val di Sole, Trentino

For your stay dedicated to wellness in Trentino, the Kristiania Pure Nature Hotel & Spa in Val di Sole has reserved a wide range of massages, treatments and much more. Enter the gentle realm of wellbeing and let yourself be pampered by the attention of our staff who will advise the specific treatments for your needs. Choose between light, relaxing massage, Ayurvedic or dynamic massage that will make your vacation even more delightful in Val di Sole, Trentino. You can also enjoy body packs to nourish and awaken, hydration after the packs, Rasul, personalized whirlpool, anti-aging facials, ones for sensitive skin, rejuvenating treatments, body peelings and much more. Discover a refreshing world of wellness with massages and treatments at the Leading Nature & Wellness Resort Kristiania in Val di Sole, Trentino.

Essential oils

Essential oils are aromatic compounds of natural origin that are found in the seeds, hull, stems, roots, flowers and other plant parts. Their special quality is their pleasant and effective fragrance. Essential oils can improve mood, soothe the senses and promote physical and psychological recovery.

Massage with essential oils

Aromatouch Technique
The AromaTouch® of dŌTERRA® technique is a simple and gradual method to apply essential oils topically, to ensure a profound experience of well-being. Start your path to wellness with this one-of-a-kind technique to rebalance the body and harmonize the spirit. The use of a precise sequence of essential oils and mixtures dissolve muscular tension, offering you a sensation of complete wellness.
45 minutes € 55,00

Natural facial treatment

Verage is an exclusive line for natural skin care. Each product has excellent properties: nourishing plant extracts, pure and effective essential oils, and, specially selected natural ingredients. The Verage line pampers your skin, naturally.

A mini treatment for a smoothing and lifting effect. The results are immediate, visible from the first treatment. The use of essential oils will immerse you in a unique and pleasurable experience.
30 minutes € 45,00

Bach flower

Massage with Bach flower

The flower remedies of Edward Bach are based on the consideration of the natural strength and life of certain varieties of wild flowers. Fatigue, fear, indecision, anxiety, but also many diseases are seen as a physical and symbolic manifestation of disharmony. They can find a remedy with extracts derived from flowers. Determining the right combination between the thirty-eight floral variants, identified by Dr. Bach, will take you back to a state of harmony and balance. Once you have identified the appropriate flower or combination for your needs, you will begin the massage. All information related to treatments are available at the reception desk or at the Acquaviva Wellness Centre.
25 minutes € 40,00
50 minutes € 60,00

Alpine orchid

On the pursuit of beauty and well-being, a new active ingredient has been found in the alpine orchid. Delicate, sensitive, elegant but with strong roots, the plant has a very special synergy of beneficial and natural substances. Soft and gentle on the skin, it ensures effective and lasting benefits. The active ingredients are in harmony as in an orchestra, taking the orchid to the highest
levels on the source of beauty.

Face and body rituals

Face ritual
The alpine orchid extract and active vegetal ingredients make the Face Ritual a valuable support for mature skin in need of rich and very powerful products to work overall, repairing, protecting and revitalizing the tissues to strengthen their defences.
50 minutes € 65,00

Body ritual
A anti-aging treatment, reactivating and vitalizing cells. Recommended for people with dry and sensitive skin as well as for cases of skin irritation.
50 minutes € 60,00
80 minutes € 80,00


Light and relaxing massages

Anti-stress massage
A touch, a movement to ease tension, loosen tight muscles and indulge in moments of blissful tranquillity.
25 minutes € 35,00
50 minutes € 55,00

Partial massage
Available for legs, back, neck or face. It is ideal to treat and offer relief to a specific area of the body.
25 minutes € 40,00

Lymph drainage
It eliminates toxins by combatting water retention and fatty deposits. A massage with light pressure.
50 minutes € 60,00
80 minutes € 80,00

Hot stone massage
The use of hot stones with massage offers great benefits to the human body. There is an increase in blood flow and a reduction of muscular stress.
50 minutes € 70,00
80 minutes € 90,00

Berber massage with Argan oil 
It moisturizes, nourishes and protects the body’s skin thanks to Argan oil, which contains vitamins A and F.
50 minutes € 65,00

Dynamic massages

Acquaviva massage
It instils a feeling of total relaxation and body awareness. Aromatherapy combined with massage helps to restore inner peace and an experience of relaxation.
25 minutes € 40,00
50 minutes € 60,00

Thai massage
It works effectively and deep on the energy channels (SEN) according to Thai tradition. It consists of compression, stretching and mobilization. It “unlocks” physiological and nervous tension, reactivates the blood and lymphatic circulation and relaxes neck and lumbar contractions.
50 minutes € 70,00
80 minutes € 90,00

Lomi Lomi, the hawaiian massage
The movements are lulling, the rhythm is varied and intense. This type of massage works at a deep level to release the blocked energy in our body.
50 minutes € 65,00

Sports massage
The deep massage technique that gives muscles elasticity and promotes the elimination of toxins. It is ideal before sports or to relax the muscles of the body after a workout.
50 minutes € 60,00

Ayurveda massages

Free Shirodara
A head, face, and scalp massage to improve cognitive memory. It is suitable for everyone: young people, adults, children and the elderly. It is a treatment that gently dissolves tension and stiffness.
25 minutes € 45,00
50 minutes € 70,00

Ayurvedic massage of Kerala 
Massage with warm oil that increases the flow of oxygen, life’s essential element, and improves circulation, helping to eliminate waste substances from the body.
50 minutes € 65,00

Body packs

Packs to nourish and to reawaken

Acquaviva pack
A special mousse body wrap to retain moisture. After your treatment you will have a pleasant sensation of hydration.
45 minutes € 55,00

Enotera pack
Anti-aging, revitalizing and moisturizing. Recommended for people with dry and sensitive skin.
25 minutes € 40,00

4 seasons pack
The combination of clays and various customized active ingredients promote detoxification, activates the skin’s metabolism and have a soothing effect.
25 minutes € 35,00

Arnica pack
Recommended for muscle pain, it improves blood circulation. A valuable resource in cases of rheumatism.
25 minutes € 35,00

Aromatic herbal pack
The infusion of specific, beneficial mountain herbs will take your skin and your soul to a special state of wellbeing.
25 minutes € 35,00

Cleopatra pack
The high oil content, vitamins and minerals combined with the moisturizing and balancing properties of milk will make your skin soft and silky.
25 minutes € 35,00



An ancient purification ritual handed down from eastern traditions. Thanks to the natural peeling effect, the skin becomes smooth and the body is purified of toxins. The use of coloured clays designed specifically for our Rasul, will transport you into a world of perfumes and colours. You can choose to share this pleasure with someone special or indulge in the joy of blissful solitude.
Rasul for 2 persons (30 minutes) € 60,00
Rasul for 1 person (30 minutes) € 45,00

Special for hands and feet

Reflexology and rituals

Reflexology for the hands
A hand massage alleviates pain and discomfort while providing a very intense physical and emotional pleasure. Whenever you are in pain, a person takes your hand to caress it: our unconscious knows that. As demonstrated by quantum physics, everything is reflected in each of its parts.
20 minutes € 20,00

Hands ritual
Every day, your hands are exposed to incredible stress, yet they are extremely delicate sensory organs. Pamper your hands with a peeling, a bath, manicure, a pack and an extended massage of the fingers, forearms and elbows. At the end of your treatment you will discover that the experience was wonderful, but not only for your hands.
40 minutes € 45,00

Localized treatment on the dorsal and sole area of the foot, where points are stimulated with pressure, corresponding to specific areas and organs of the body. The foot is the root of our body. By treating it, you can reach the tip of each branch.
25 minutes € 40,00
50 minutes € 60,00

Foot ritual
Immersed in a foot bath with volcanic stones, essential oils and flower petals. Your tired feet will feel refreshed. After the foot bath, there will be an exfoliation and the application of essential oils and relaxing clay, followed by the pleasant feeling of a reflexology massage. All for a magical sensation of lightness and relief.
50 minutes € 55,00

Oligo elements: Iron, Copper, Calcium, Silicon, Magnesium, Zinc, Sulfur and Manganese

Trace elements are the catalysts and stimulators of biochemical processes and metabolic reactions of the body, in fact they increase the action of the enzymes to bring the body to a state of functional equilibrium. In aesthetics: accelerates cell regeneration, purifies, normalizes and rejuvenates the skin. We will choose one or more of the eight trace mineral elements according to what your body needs, to enhance any face or body treatment.

Facial treatments

Acquaviva face cleansing
To cleanse and smooth the skin and offer the correct nutrients supplied from active plant extracts. Moisturizes, restores and offers elasticity, guaranteed. Suitable for both men and women.
50 minutes € 60,00

Oxygen Pearl treatment
A professional treatment dedicated to face and décolleté, strongly revitalizing for all types of skin, that uses an airbrush to apply a precious extract of pearl powder and a mix of oxygenating and anti-aging ingredients.
50 minutes € 75,00

“Sensual” treatment for face, lips and chin
Particular attention on the lips to give plumping and filler effects. Although the treatment involves the whole face, manual techniques are implemented, specifically designed to stimulate and drain the area of the lips, nasolabial folds, chin, neck and décolleté.
80 minutes € 80,00

Embriolifting treatment
Recommended for mature skin that needs to revitalize the tissues. Offers firmness and radiance. The vegetal embryos offer anti-oxidizing, moisturizing and regenerating effects.
50 minutes € 70,00

New Skin
Deep cleansing dermoactive treatment with ultrasonic vibrations. Deeply cleanses, purifies and smoothes the skin, removes superficial skin cells and stimulates the production of collagen and elastin.
50 minutes € 55,00

Eye contours
The use of specific active ingredients such as hyaluronic acid and vitamin E help to drain and protect the orbicularis oculi area, alleviating bags and puffiness.
20 minutes € 20,00

Body treatments

Acquaviva body treatments
A body scrub combined with moisturizer, creating a skin-rejuvenating body treatment, for smooth and luminous skin.
25 minutes € 40,00
40 minutes with additional a steam bath € 50,00

Active body 
Precious concentrate of active ingredients for detoxifying, moisturizing, toning and rejuvenating the skin.
25 minutes € 35,00

Oxygen bath
To regenerate the body, relax fatigued legs and rebalance blood pressure, using an oxygen-stimulation treatment performed on a special massaging chair.
15 minutes € 18,00

Mountain hay bath
Reactivates the metabolism, drains, detoxifies and gives the body a chance to experience the Trentino region in all its glory.
25 minutes € 35,00

Warm herbal sachets
A mixture of chopped herbs are enclosed in cotton packets that disperse heat over the body to drain and relieve muscle aches.
25 minutes € 45,00

Swollen legs
This is a specific treatment for tired, swollen, and restless legs, with tingling and cramps. In addition, it is recommended to counter sluggish circulation, promote lymphatic drainage and reduce water retention.
50 minutes € 65,00

Anti-cellulite “Slim & Tone” shaping
Dedicated to arms, abdomen, hips, buttocks and legs, where there are compact fatty masses and nodules from hard cellulite, or with the dimples of soft cellulite, water and toxin retention.
50 minutes € 75,00

“Gummy Fast” body treatment for firming and elasticity
A localized treatment with a draining, fat-reducing and firming effect. The application of an alginate and a specific thermo active slimming serum offer outstanding results.
80 minutes € 90,00

Indications should not be interpreted for therapeutic purposes, only for aesthetic intents.

Beauty services


Depilation in small areas € 8,00
Depilation underarms € 10,00
Depilation bikini area € 10,00
Depilation arms € 15,00
Half leg depilation € 20,00
Full leg depilation with bikini area € 35,00
Complete depilation € 50,00
Depilation of back and chest € 40,00

Manicure e pedicure

Manicure € 20,00
Pedicure € 30,00


Body solarium € 12,00
Facial solarium € 8,00
Package 5+1 free

Voucher Acquaviva

Custom paths

Let the Acquaviva Staff advise you to create a “Made to measure” programme. You will receive a 10% discount and our Spa Manager will be delighted to offer you a special gift.

Gray voucher € 150,00 for an amount in treatments of € 170,00
Red voucher € 350,00 for an amount in treatments of € 380,00
Gold voucher € 500,00 for an amount in treatments of € 550,00

Gift voucher

Wellness gift: choose, or let choose who is receiving this precious present, one or more Acquaviva treatments. We will prepare a personalized gift voucher for you with all the packages you select.


Acquaviva etiquette
Acquaviva is a place of relaxation and tranquility. Kindly respect the privacy and serenity of the other guests by not using cell phones or other electronic equipment in this area.


Children, who rightly enjoy playing in the water, are not always in accord with those who want to enjoy the wellness centre as an oasis of peace and tranquility. For this reason, our younger guests under 12 years of age can access the pool until 5:00 pm when accompanied by a parent or guardian.

We highly recommend that you book your treatments at the time of your room booking. This will help us better meet your needs regarding the time and type of service.

Cancellations and unexpected events are unpleasant for everyone. For cancellations of appointments less than 24 hours prior, you will be charged the cost of the entire treatment.

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