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Let’s go to Pian Palù Lake!

Let’s go to Pian Palù Lake!

A taste of water. A hike to Pian Palù Lake. A local grilled dish is waiting for us on the open air at the village of Pradacci

  • Place: Pejo
  • Type of excursion: easy stroll, ideal for those who want to spend a cheerful day in the company of other people. No particular physical preparation is required. Stroller hiking is possible.
  • Duration: 2,5 h – all day
  • Distance: 4 km.
  • Starting level: 1,630 m. a.s.l. (Pradacci Parking)
  • Arrival level: 1,800 m. a.s.l. (Pian Palù Lake)
  • Elevation gain: 210 m.
  • Elevation loss: 210 m.
  • Lunch: barbecue included
  • Extra costs: car parking



This excursion can’t be missed. We, at Kristiania Hotel, think this is the best excursion for two reasons: 1) it suits everybody 2) we can all taste a typical grilled meat dish together! We will get to the Pradacci car park in the Val del Monte, near the village of Pejo Fonti. There, a wide green area is equipped for having picnics and there we will have our grilled meal. Some can stop there and play on the lawn; others can hike up to the village of Fontanino where there is an old source of chalybeate drinkable water. We will hike up to Pian Palù Lake by following the pathway on the left and get to the pastures of the Cellentino Cottage. Soon after, we will spot a wonderful body of water. The level of water depends on the period of the year, and, in the fall, its water reflects the wonderful colors of the changing nature. We will walk along a part of the lake and then we will cross the tall dam and return to enjoy our wonderful picnic.


Pian Palù lake is an artificial basin formed by a dam built in the 1960’s. The basin keeps up to 15 million cubic meters of water.

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