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Immagine di testata per The Pejo 3000 cable car brings you a step from heaven
Pejo 3000 cable car

The Pejo 3000 cable car brings you a step from heaven

With Pejo 3000 cable car, in a moment you are at 3000 meters height, on Ortles' peaks

Enjoying the view at 3000 meters height is not for everyone: at Kristiania Pure Nature Hotel & Spa you will have the chance to live the experience to touch 3000 meters height thanks to Pejo 3000 cable car, and to ski in the Ski area of Ortles-Cevedale.

Pejo 3000 cable car, one of the highest and most modern of Trentino, can carry up to 100 people in few minutes, leaving from Tarlenta locality, at 2000 meters of altitude, and arriving to 3000 meters, to the old “Mantova” mountain hut.

From the peak originate several ways, which you can walk during the summer, with the summer activities organized by Kristiania Pure Nature Hotel & Spa. In winter, you can go down with skis in the Ski area Pejo 3000, from one of the most exciting slopes in the alpine area: slope Val della Mite, 8 km long.

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Pure beauty

07.12.2023 – 07.04.2024

2 nights from € 428
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Pure slowness

07.12.2023 – 07.04.2024

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Luxury of pure amazement

07.12.2023 – 07.04.2024

2 nights from € 375

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