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Face and body wellness treatments

Wellness treatments in Pejo, for the perfect Face and Body

Take care of your wellness with Kristiania's face and body treatments

Acquaviva, the Spa of the Kristiania Pure Nature Hotel in Pejo offers you the most innovative solutions in terms of face and body wellness treatments.

Thanks to the partnership with Gemology, an award-winning French cosmetics company, specialized in innovative face and body wellness treatments with extracts of precious stones and the use of cutting-edge machinery such as 3D digital Dermo diagnosis, oxygen therapy, pressure therapy, Soft Pack basin, you can experience numerous beneficial effects on the skin of the face and body, during your holiday in Pejo.


Gemology facial treatments

Gemology Facial Rituals are carried out with an exclusive manual protocol and they use the Gemology luxury line, which contains the extracts of precious gems rich in pure mineral trace elements, fundamental for our skin. Before each treatment, a 3D Digital Skin Diagnosis will be carried out to customize the Ritual in accordance with the needs of your skin. Precious gems are skillfully used by our beauticians when they massage the face, the head and the hands to enhance the pleasure of the treatment and give peerless results.


Acquaviva facial treatments

Acquaviva facial treatments are selected by our staff to offer the best beauty results, utilizing forefront machines and natural beauty products that satisfy the needs of each type of skin.


Gemology body rituals

Gemology Body Rituals have smoothing and regenerating properties; the procedure includes exfoliation based on mineral extracts followed by a massage with precious Gems.


Acquaviva body treatments

Acquaviva body treatments have a broad range of actions to improve tone, oxygenation, protection, relaxation and renewal of the body tissue with long lasting effects especially if they are combined with specific beauty products to use at home.


Softpack body compresses in the bath

Let yourself be lulled by the special Soft Pack, a bath filled with warm water that optimizes the treatment carried out with herbs and natural emulsions. The active principles and the compresses are absorbed better and the benefits to the muscles are immediate, thanks to the constant warmth of the water that relaxes and favors the excellent efficiency of the treatment.


Find out all the treatments, consulting here the Beauty Menu.

For all the information about the rules, click here: Acquaviva Spa Etiquette.

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Pure Relax

29.05.2024 – 29.09.2024

3 nights from € 440
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Sleep Wellness

29.05.2024 – 29.09.2024

3 nights from € 510
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Let’s get active on holiday!

01.06.2024 – 29.09.2024

7 nights from € 895

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