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Immagine di testata per The strength of water: Barbadifior Fort and the Cadini waterfall
The strength of water: Barbadifior Fort and the Cadini waterfall

The strength of water: Barbadifior Fort and the Cadini waterfall

A hike across the forest with a break at Barbadifior Fort and at the Cadini waterfall. Stop at the Frattasecca Cottage on the way back

  • Place: Pejo 
  • Type of excursion: moderate hike, ideal for those who want to spend half a day in nature while enjoying the history of the past. No particular physical preparation is required.
  • Duration: 4 h – half day
  • Distance: 7,6 km.
  • Starting level: 1,520 m. a.s.l. (Malga Frattasecca Parking)
  • Arrival level: 1,850 m. a.s.l.  Cadini Waterfall)
  • Elevation gain: 410 m.
  • Elevation loss: 410 m.
  • Lunch: not expected – return to the hotel
  • Extra costs: no



This excursion to the Val del Monte will let us spend a special morning in the forest along the pathways of the Great War. We will take a break at the Val Cadini to admire the splashes of the waterfalls. After leaving the car in the dirt car park underneath the Frattasecca Cottage, we will walk to the remains of the Barbadifior Fort, a quaint panoramic spot in the Val del Monte. From the fort, we will continue towards Margolìn Bridge, which will allow us cross the Noce River and get to the other side of the valley. We will continue walking on the pathway of the Great War to reach the pastures of Tremenesca Alta Cottage, from where we will hike up to the Cadini Waterfall where a catwalk will allow us to reach the center of pelting water. We will go back on the ex-military road. 



The Barbadifior Fort is an old Austrian-Hungarian fort that is on the pathway of the Great War. It is situated on a large rock and was built between 1906 and 1908 with the aim to stop a possible Italian attack from the Montozzo Pass. It was a “blockhaus”, a defensive building made of concrete and reinforced with armored shields; it was armed with two cannons and four machine guns.

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